Jurjen Bersee




Nederlands - Hardcover | 2008-10

Fabien Raes is geen onbekende in de kunstwereld. Na een tijdje van de schilderkunst geproefd te hebben, evolueerde zijn carrire al snel in de richting van zijn ware passie, de fotografie. Aanvankelijk hield hij zich vooral met reportagefotografie bezig, wat resulteerde in wereldwijd verspreide repor... Meer
Benteli Verlag
Engels - Hardcover | 2011-03

Struck by the immense contrasts between rich and poor, and becoming increasingly politicised, Christian Reinhardt began to trace the contradictory life of the North American metropolis. Here, where in the 1970s the First and so-called Third World existed only a couple of blocks apart, he took his pi... Meer
Gingko Press
Engels - Hardcover | 2008-10

The Minneapolis based record label Rhymesayers and its groundbreaking group Atmosphere have become one of the most powerful forces in independent hip hop today. Photographer Dan Monick has travelled with the musicians and rappers from Rhymesayers and Atmosphere on and off for the better part of a de... Meer
Duke University Press
Engels - Hardcover | 2010

Jennette Williams' stunning platinum prints of women bathers in Budapest and Istanbul take us inside spaces intimate and public, austere and sensuous, filled with water, steam, tile, stone, ethereal sunlight, and earthly flesh. Over a period of eight years, Williams, who is based in New York City, t... Meer
University of Texas Press
Engels - Hardcover | 2009-08

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the 1989 CBS debut of the multi-award-winning miniseries Lonesome Dove , UT Press is pleased to issue a commemorative edition of A Book of Photographs from Lonesome Dove . This edition features a new deluxe dust jacket with new photographs of Robert Duvall a... Meer
Nederlands - Hardcover | 2010

Na bijna veertig jaar keert beeldend kunstenaar Madelon Hooykaas terug naar een Japans zenklooster. In het traditionele Soto-Zen trainingsklooster Bukkoku-ji in Obama neemt zij deel aan het dagelijks leven en mag zij foto's maken en filmen. Het boek geeft een beeld van haar ervaringen in het klooste... Meer
Gingko Press, Inc
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

Cliché: Résumé spotlights the largest, best known European skateboard brand from its humble beginnings during the days of VHS and Polaroids to the present. Classic skate photography takes center stage with crucial work from some of the industries' most renowned lens-men such as ... Meer
Duke University Press
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

In Looking for Mexico , a leading historian of visual culture, John Mraz, provides a panoramic view of Mexico's modern visual culture from the U.S. invasion of 1847 to the present. Along the way, he illuminates the powerful role of photographs, films, illustrated magazines, and image-filled history ... Meer
Duke University Press
Engels - Overige | 2007

In the summer of 2000, two award-winning photographers, Claire Garoutte and Anneke Wambaugh, were in Santiago de Cuba, a city on the southeastern coast of Cuba. A chance encounter led them to the home of Santiago Castaneda Vera, a priest-practitioner of Santeria and Palo Monte. Out of that initial m... Meer
National Geographic Society
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

Photojournalist Pam Spaulding began her photography immediately after the birth of the couple's first baby and ended with the wedding of the second of their three children. The result is a rare and deep photographic story, the richest photographic book ever done on a single family. Pam succeeded in ... Meer
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